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Here you are going to learn how to take care of your skin and health in a holistic way. Thanks to customised skincare plans and many years of my experience I will do everything to make you feel even better.


Online consultation

Here, your journey to healthy skin begins. Everyone should have access to skincare services and achieve their skin-goals no matter where they are. If you have a skin problem that you can’t deal with, the online consultation will be a perfect solution. Collaboration with me is not a one-off meeting, but a joint effort to improve the condition of the skin, including finding the source of the problem, choosing the right skincare or supplementation, ordering and discussing laboratory tests, establishing hygienic principles for solving skin problems and indicating dietary recommendations. Every beauty plan is individually tailored.I only work with the best among the best, so you can be sure that the products I recommend will give you the best skin of your life!

Grow online

If you want to grow in the beauty industry, then the London Skin Academy is for you!

Here, you are going to learn how to take care of your patient’s skin and make a customised skincare plan.

I will teach you how to work online and in the office putting together the best treatment protocols for your patients and their skin problems. You will learn how to work with problematic skin and how to get wonderful before and after effects that will result in endless numbers of people wanting to visit your practice. You will meet the most effective techniques for working with clients.

Meet med.Marci
and the London Skin Academy

Welcome! It’s me – med.Marci. I graduated from the Medical University in Poznan and did numerous skincare courses and trainings in London, Poland and Harvard Medical School. I am constantly learning and improving my qualifications from the best doctors and cosmetologists in the world. Many years of experience allows me to achieve the best before and after results in skin therapies. On a daily basis I train cosmetologists, doctors and students in beauty and skincare. I run online consultations, work with various medical and cosmetological companies and carry out treatments specialising in problematic skin. I co-create skincare videocasts with TOPESTETIC.

Marcelina Woźniak

Prowadzę konsultacje online, współpracuję z różnymi firmami medycznymi i kosmetologicznymi oraz przeprowadzam zabiegi specjalizujące się w problematycznej skórze. Współtworzę również videocasty na temat pielęgnacji skóry z firmą TOPESTETIC.


Treatment by med.Marci

In my treatments, I use products from the best medical, dermatological and cosmetic companies. All treatments are individually tailored to a particular skin problem and their range, type and frequency is determined after an online consultation.

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